Men of Promise


Captain Bowman West of the Royal Navy loves the ocean, but he is weary of warfare. Now, he wants to be an explorer, sailing to the edge of the map and discovering new lands. Thanks to an old friend at the Admiralty, West is given command of a frigate known as the HMS Promise, and sent on a mission of exploration to the South China Sea. There, he hopes to find treasure which will allow him to buy the ship, giving him the freedom to chart his own course for future voyages. But the mission is full of peril. The fabled challenges of navigating these exotic waters– including treacherous coral reefs and a blistering typhoon– all confront West and his ship. Furthermore, this is the domain of pirates. Captain West finds that all his courage and resourcefulness will be needed upon this voyage of discovery. Read more

About Chris Fasolino

Chris Fasolino teaches English and Art History at Plattsburgh State University in upstate New York. He lives on the shores of Lake Champlain, near the Adirondack Mountains, where he has enjoyed hiking and canoeing. He is a wine columnist, and he has written historical features, travel pieces, and serialized mystery stories for newspapers and magazines. Read more


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It began with the music of a tin whistle. The music reached Admiral Oakes from far off, as if borne on the wind, and he heard it long before he saw the solitary figure standing atop the cliffs. Read more

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